How To NOT Gain Weight During The Holidays

How To NOT Gain Weight

During The Holidays

The holiday season is the time to bring people together. Celebrate. See family…. And gain unwanted weight.?.?.?.

It’s why, in a survey done about New Years Resolutions,  45% of people had “Lose weight or get in shape” as part of their resolutions.

And this time of the year plays a BIG part in that. Between Thanksgiving (for some, Halloween!), and New Years, a lot of people gain unwanted weight. I’ve asked a few people about past years weight gains. Some said 5-10lbs, some went up to 15+lbs.

That’s a lot of weight in such a short amount of time. So, I wanted to share some tips, and tricks to combat that seasonal weight gain.

1. Maintain a normal workout routine.
2. Don’t skip workouts. 10 or 15 minutes is better than nothing.
3. Get proper sleep (less sleep= more cravings).
4. It’s ok to say NO. To seconds, extra food, more wine…
5. Fill your plate with a lot of protein and veggies. Aim for at least 70%.
6. 1 plate rule. Fill it up. No second trips.
7. For salads, choose oil based over creamy dressings
8. Be picky with food. Eat the food you REALLY want. Not just because it’s there.
9. No grazing. Hold a convo or catch up with people away from the kitchen.
10. Be mindful of snacking. Eating the cookie is fine. Eating the whole tray, not so much.
11. Don’t have back to back unhealthy meals.
12. Be mindful of alcohol.  Liquid calories add up quick!
13. Go for a walk after a big meal.
14. Keep stress levels down. Meditate,  do yoga.
15. Enjoy yourself! Any unwanted weight that you put on can go away once you’re back into a normal health/fitness routine.


Negative Effects From Lack Of Sleep

When people start to think about getting healthy and in shape, proper sleep doesn’t come straight to mind. It should!

Not getting enough sleep (6.5-7-8 hours) can have negative effects on your mind and body. It can even make you sick and put you at a higher risk of certain illnesses.

Here’s all the things that can happen to you without the proper amount of sleep:

Make bad eating choices
Weight gain & obesity rates go up
Higher risk of catching a cold
Less focused
Memory issues
Risk of stroke increases
Risk of some cancers increases
Diabetes risk goes up
Heart disease risk increases
Sperm count decreases
Higher levels of anxiety
Higher levels of depression
Risk of having high blood pressure
Lose sex drive

Some of these effects can start to happen after just one night of little sleep.

Proper sleep should definitely be a part of your health and fitness plan. Get your sleep schedule in order before you even step into a gym. It’s THAT important.


Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul – Under $50!

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul – Under $50!

My weekly trip to Aldi’s. 
 I go over how much I spent. what I’m eating. And how long this haul should last. 
I eat a pretty “clean” diet, with a snack or 2 mixed in lol. 
A couple things: 1. I’m a vegetarian 2. I’m eating about 3000 a day 

 The next post will be a FULL DAY OF EATING

Let me know what you think: 



Day In The Life / Full Day of Vegetarian Eating / Fitness

Day In The Life
Sunday, March 18 2018

Taking you guys with me through a, semi, normal day for me.

  • Morning training in the studio
  • Eating as a vegetarian.
  • Doing a food shopping trip. With stops in Aldi’s & Shoprite
  • Outdoor track workout at Edison High School Track
  • Shaving my beard. #WinterIsOver lol
  • Oh, and more food, ice cream, and binge watching Harry Potter

I’ll try to provide these types of videos a couple times a month.

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Let me know if you want to see any particular content, and i’ll get it done!


Exercising While Pregnant


First: Congratulations!

Second (and really why you’re here), yes you can exercise during your pregnancy.

Make sure you check with your doctor about working out while you are pregnant. As long as there are no complications, you will be able to continue your workouts.
It is recommended that you keep your normal fitness routine for as long as you feel comfortable.

If you are a runner, you can continue to run. Probably with an altered training plan. Same goes for strength training. Don’t look to max out your lifts. But, keeping up with a moderate strength plan is completely attainable.

There are studies that more active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labor.

Doing exercises that help strengthen your core can help with possible back pain in your later stages of pregnancy.

Continuing a fitness routine will help lessen that weight gain. Some studies have it at about 7-8lbs less than those that don’t workout.

Regular exercise can help take away fluid retention and leg swelling. The more you move the better your blood flow is.

 Avoid contact sports/fitness activities. Kickboxing, MMA, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking, Gymnastics, and a few others should be left off until after pregnancy. Stay away from sports/fitness that raises the chances of you falling.

After the first few months, avoid exercises where you are lying on your back. That position puts too much pressure on a vein that reduces blood flow.

When to dial it back:

  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • heart palpitations (your heart pounding in your chest)
  • shortness of breath
  • pain in your back or pelvis

Again, congrats on your first, second, or 10th child! Be a positive example. Be a strong momma!

Weighing Myself All Day

 *This is from a Facebook/Instagram post I did last year, but never wrote about on the site. So, here it is.*

I’ve been having a couple conversations about weight & the scale, and how it can basically become a roller coaster from hour to hour, day to day.

I decided to hop on the scale throughout the day yesterday, as a sort of test to show how my own weight will jump around.

  • The first picture is pre-breakfast (just coffee) at 9:35am.
  • The 2nd pic is at 4:51p, post workout and a couple meals in.
  • The 3rd pic is at 8:18p. I didn’t eat between the 2nd & 3rd pic (only water), and gained .6lb .
  • The 4th pic is at 10:07p. Right before bed. About 3000 calories consumed and a gallon of water drank. I gained close to 3lbs in a day.
  • And the 5th pic is this morning. Again, pre-breakfast (just coffee), and I lost the 3lbs plus another .4lb overnight.

All of this was to show that your weight will jump all around. Food, water, exercise, sleep, all play a part in what the scale reads.

Being consistent in:
1. finding your proper calorie intake
2. weighing yourself at the same time, each time

Don’t drive yourself crazy everyday by stepping on the scale all the time. It’s really just one of many tools to use to determine your health levels. Weekly, Bi Weekly, at the most.

You should be looking for the long term trends in the number (if a certain number is your goal). Being healthy and at a healthy weight for you is a marathon not a sprint.

For most people, tracking weight loss looks like a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs. But, long term, you want it to trend downward. Remember, this is real life, not instagram, where everything happens instantly…


A lot of people who go on crash diets gain their weight back, plus some, in the long term. It’s not about 7day tricks or 21 day beach bodies. It’s about long term health.

  • Creating good, healthy habits.
  • Having a positive relationship with food.
  • Focusing on the good.
  • Worrying less about the bad, and what you “can’t” have.

Once you get the mindset of changing your “cant’s” to “I don’t want/or need it”, that’s when change will happen.


Building A Team Of Motivated, Goal Focused People

The saying is “You are most like the 5 people you surround yourself with the most.”
Your power, your responsibility is to choose those people wisely.

Energy is contagious.

Positivity. Creativity. Motivated.
That’s ALL contagious.

Find people that will make you better at whatever it is that you want to do.


Audio isnt the best. Better sound quality coming soon