About Training/Pricing

What I do is help everyone become the best versions of themselves. To step off the scale, and look in the mirror and see an awesome person staring back at them.

“I Believe There’s A Hero In All Of Us”
We all have it inside of us – The Drive, Determination, Will – to be great! I’m here to help you find it.
What I am doing goes beyond weight loss. Being fit, being healthy is so much more than a number. It’s about being strong, being smart, believing in yourself, having confidence in your abilities.

-Nick Sherman

—Private Studio Fitness Training—

1 on 1 Training or Group Training
  • 4 Sessions: $100
  • 8 Sessions: $160 
  • 12 Sessions: $200

Training pricing & session packages are good for 45 days. If you do not fit in or miss sessions within that time frame, your sessions will be lost. This method is to hold everyone accountable.

For more info on pricing and sessions, you can Email me or message me on Facebook

From stretching to weight training. From jumping jacks to planks. I will create a fully detailed fitness plan just for YOU. Training programs include:
  • Flexibility Training (Proper Stretching & Injury Prevention Techniques)
  • Cardio Training (Warm-ups & Cool Downs. Proper Breathing Techniques)
  • Core & Balance Training (Proper Muscle & Movement Balance)
  • Reactive Speed/Agility/Qucikness Training (Increase Power, & Coordination)
  • Resistance Training (Increase Strength, Improve Daily Living Activities)

Group Sessions Also Available
Group Sessions Also Available
Group Sessions Also Available

Group Sessions Also AvailableProgress will be at your own pace.


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