Full Day of Plant Based Eating

Taking you through a full day of my own Plant Based eating.

Included all calories and macros for each meal


VEGAN Protein Review | LivFit Organic Plant Based Supplement



Rating: 7/10
Cost: $11.97 Amazon
Macros: 90 Calories. 16g Protein. 2g Carbs. 2g Fat
Ingredients: Pea Protein. Quinoa Powder. Natural Flavor.
Make sure to watch the video above for a more detailed breakdown of this protein. Including smell and taste text.

🦃 Quick Pre Thanksgiving Dumbbell Fat Loss Circuit Workout

Pre Thanksgiving Dumbbell Fat Loss Circuit

3 Rounds – 4 Movements – 
40s Work – 20s Rest
Equipment Needed:
1 Set Of Dumbbells
1. Dumbbell Curl To T Cross
2. 180 Raises to Overhead Press
3. Hurdles Over Dumbbells
4. 2 Foot Lateral Jumps Over Dumbbells
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How To NOT Gain Weight During The Holidays

How To NOT Gain Weight

During The Holidays

The holiday season is the time to bring people together. Celebrate. See family…. And gain unwanted weight.?.?.?.

It’s why, in a survey done about New Years Resolutions,  45% of people had “Lose weight or get in shape” as part of their resolutions.

And this time of the year plays a BIG part in that. Between Thanksgiving (for some, Halloween!), and New Years, a lot of people gain unwanted weight. I’ve asked a few people about past years weight gains. Some said 5-10lbs, some went up to 15+lbs.

That’s a lot of weight in such a short amount of time. So, I wanted to share some tips, and tricks to combat that seasonal weight gain.

1. Maintain a normal workout routine.
2. Don’t skip workouts. 10 or 15 minutes is better than nothing.
3. Get proper sleep (less sleep= more cravings).
4. It’s ok to say NO. To seconds, extra food, more wine…
5. Fill your plate with a lot of protein and veggies. Aim for at least 70%.
6. 1 plate rule. Fill it up. No second trips.
7. For salads, choose oil based over creamy dressings
8. Be picky with food. Eat the food you REALLY want. Not just because it’s there.
9. No grazing. Hold a convo or catch up with people away from the kitchen.
10. Be mindful of snacking. Eating the cookie is fine. Eating the whole tray, not so much.
11. Don’t have back to back unhealthy meals.
12. Be mindful of alcohol.  Liquid calories add up quick!
13. Go for a walk after a big meal.
14. Keep stress levels down. Meditate,  do yoga.
15. Enjoy yourself! Any unwanted weight that you put on can go away once you’re back into a normal health/fitness routine.

☠️Kettlebell Fat Loss Killer☠️

Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout

Equipment Needed: 1 Kettlebell
Movements & Reps:
  • Kettlebell Swings x20
  • Kettlebell Hang Clean & Press x10 each
  • Kettlebell Lunge to Chest Press x10 each
  • Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x10 each
  • Kettlebell Hang Squat Clean x20
Aim for 3-4 rounds
Moving as quickly as possible through the set
Rest 60s after each round
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15 Benefits Of Strength Training

15 Benefits Of Strength Training

Strength training (or weight training/ resistance training) is anything that provides your body/muscles will resistance while in movement. To, safely, load and overload muscles so it needs to adapt and get stronger.

*Quick Sidebar: Strength Training will not make you huge or bulky. That all comes down to your nutrition.*

Strength Training Benefits

1. Makes you stronger.
2. Increase metabolism. Which in turns…
3. You burn more calories (even at rest).
4. Improve bone strength, structure, and density.
5. Natural energy booster.
6. Improve mood.
7. Improve symptoms of depression.
8. Improve symptoms of anxiety.
9. Better balance.
10. Better coordination.
11. Better posture.
12. Lowers injury rates.
13. Helps control blood sugar levels (type 2 diabetes).
14. Helps decrease arthritis pain.
15. Live a longer life.

Make sure you’re adding strength training to your daily routine. Can be weights, machines, bands, or even your own bodyweight.


8 Move Resistance Band Arm Workout

8 Move Resistance Band 

Arm Workout

8 Moves To Build & Tone Your Arms
Using Only A Resistance Band

Aim for 2-3 Rounds 
20s Work
10s Rest

1) Standing Bicep Curl
2) Lateral Raise
3) Front Raise
4) Single Arm Overhead Press
5) Standing Row
6) Alternate Punches
7)  Overhead Tricep Extension 
8) Kneeling Kickbacks

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